Stop the Bleed® is an initiative that trains citizens to manage massive bleeding.

    Massive bleeding from multiple casualty events like earthquakes, bus and train collisions, and multiple vehicle accidents (where there may be delayed emergency response) can result in death. Victims can die quickly from uncontrolled bleeding, within five to ten minutes. Stop the Bleed® is designed to increase the survivability of those suffering from massive bleeding after a multiple casualty event.

    The Society of Professionals in Emergency Care (SoPEC) and the Emergency Nurses Association of BC (ENABC) are partnering to provide Stop the Bleed® training. It teaches proper bleeding control techniques, including how to use hands, dressings, and tourniquets.

    You can learn how to Stop the Bleed® and save a life!

    Our certified health care providers train the general public as well as people who work in public areas or venues who may be a first person on scene until an emergency responder arrives. Examples include security staff, vendors, ticketing agents or any other employees who typically come into contact with the public in large numbers.


    Certified healthcare providers.


    Public or anyone who works in public areas.


    1-1.5 hours (up to 2 hours for larger groups), and includes hands on skills development.

    If you have questions or to register for Stop the Bleed® training, please email landon.james@sopec.ca